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At Monibag, Maximizing Thrifts, E-Banking And Investment To Reduce Unemployment In Our Society Is Our Utmost Goal.

Feel Free As You Check Through Our Thrifts, E-Banking And Investment Plans.

Our Vision

Thrift, E-Banking and Investment.

Practically, saving 100 naira daily from your bank account gives you 3100 at the end of the month and guess what? 3100 can start a pure water business and an under wear business.

Primarily, collection of monthly dividends from  investments brings about a better tomorrow.

Seemingly, opening of an E bank account with monibag enhances savings for a sudden rainy day. That is, you can withdraw your money at anytime on like  daily, weekly and monthly contribution. In Nigeria, we remain the only firm that does E thrift.

Therefore, monibag is a registered group of an e commerce financial institution that deals with daily, weekly,  monthly savings E banking and Investments. Our activities involve business support services, contracts, activities auxiliary to financial services and general merchandise which also include involvement into physical investments like Cassava processing, starch production, Animal’s food, manure, Canteens, Oil and gas, Textile and fabrics, real estates, paga points, waste disposition and Instalments.

At Monibag, maximising thrifts, E banking and investment to reduce unemployment in our society is our utmost goal….

Feel free as you check through our thrifts, E banking and investment plans…

Our Mission

Easy. Fun. Reliable Financial Abundancy.

  1. Daily contribution: This deals with an automatic deduction of a particular amount for a daily contribution directly from the client’s registered bank account. E.g saving of 200 naira daily. This takes four months before withdrawal is possible. And the firm’s commission is the first savings of every month. I.e, every first 200 naira of every month (800 naira) for 4 months. I four months, the client gets 24,800.
  2. Any amount contributions: This is also another example of daily savings but the daily thrift is not specific. The client can decide to save 200 naira yesterday, 400 naira today and 500 naira tomorrow. It is an irregular daily savings. Here, the client saves for 5 months before he or she can withdraw and the firm’s commission on it is 500 naira per month. 
  1. Weekly Savings: This savings can be once, twice or thrice in week depending on the intention of the customer. On the regular weekly savings, 800 is the monthly commission and withdrawal takes place after 6 months while on the irregular weekly contribution, 1000 naira is the monthly commission and withdrawal takes place in 6 months.
  1. Monthly contribution: A specific amount of monthly contribution. Commission for regular amount of monthly contribution is 2000 while irregular amount of monthly contribution is 2,500. Withdrawal takes place in 7 months.
  2.  NYSC’s thrift: This is basically for Corpse members. Saving a specific amount monthly for 11 months and the account can be used after NYSC. Monthly deduction is 300 naira.

For foreign transactions, 

The first savings for daily savings is for the firm, for irregular daily savings, the average mean is the commission, for regular weekly savings, 1st weekly savings is for the firm and for irregular weekly savings, the average mean is for the firm while the 1/2 of the first monthly contribution belongs to the firm and average mean of irregular monthly contribution belongs to the firm.

Withdrawal period remains the same as written above.

And for cryptocurrencies, what applies to foreign currencies applies to Cryptos.

Note that our clients have the opportunity of opening as many accounts as possible.

Our Mission


Not only are we building an E-bank with ridiculous fees, we’re also building you a safe place to keep your money so you can sleep well at night.


These are three ways we’re looking out for you:


  1. Encrypted Accounts

Encryption is basically coding information, like ‘talking’ to your friend with visual signs so no one else knows what you’re saying.


We use a high level of encryption to protect all your financial information from being accessed by scammers.


This probably doesn’t explain much but it wouldn’t be encryption if we told you exactly how it’s done.


  1. Fraud Prevention

We admit, we have a really sensitive fraud prevention system.


This automatic system has a set of unbiased filters to catch what we call ‘suspicious activity’ (explained in detail here).


When it picks up on anything suspicious about an account, it locks it right away and sends a message to the owner of the account with steps to unlock it.


We’d rather lock your account for safety than have to send you a ‘Sorry Your Money Vanished’ email.


  1. Passwords, PINs and Biometrics

These security cousins do one thing pretty well: Keep the wrong people out.


There’s your Monibag password which you set when you opened your account.


Then there’s your Monibag PIN for signing into your account on the day to day, your transaction PIN for authorising payments and your card PIN for you know what.


There are also biometric login options, aka Face ID and fingerprint, which can replace PINs for signing in to your account and authorising payments because who has the time to cram numbers?


Note: our transfer charges is 5 naira per transaction, POS business owners have access to cash backs depending on the total number of transactions that they are able to run per month and any issues that arise will be sorted out immediately the complaint is lodged.


We operate monthly 5% dividends on all our investment plans and the withdrawal of the principal money invested is after 1 year.

It should be noted that all our investment plans are insured, dividends are realistic.

Above all, we invest on physical investments and not volatile investments.


Office Address: Shop 8, Alhaji ROSCO shopping complex, Abanla road, Ajadi, Ologuneru, Eleyele, Ibadan.


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